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      Jonathan Stratton's work reflects his passion through design and creative form. Blending the boundaries between art, functionality, and beauty; he strives to create pieces which reflects the perfect and imperfect balances within nature. Influenced by a combination of Mid-Century Modern / Japanese style, his focus is to strip away the unnecessary details within a piece and focus on the pure essence of what furniture represents, which is "elegance in simplicity".   


     Jonathan was born on 1996 and grew up a native of Nelson County, VA. He obtained a 4-year trade degree and pursued a background in design and art.  However,  he felt something was missing and was compelled to follow his passion and began to explore his interest for woodworking at the age of 22.  


     As a self-taught woodworker since 2018, he studied, mentored, and spent countless hours developing skills that would further him in his quest for functional art.  God blessed him with the talents and resources to start his own business, which has fulfilled this important aspect of his life. Jonathan's passion for building furniture matured immensely and sparked a deeper appreciation for the time honored techniques which goes into creating quality pieces of furniture.


     His inspiration comes from the quote of an American woodworker, architect, and furniture maker of the 20th Century, George Nakashima, “If you build something beautiful with a tree, it lives forever”.  Although Mr. Nakashima is no longer with us, his impact on the art of furniture making is still influential today.

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